Barbara McGarity’s letter about the Queen’s 80th Birthday

Sent to The Australian, unpublished.

Dear Editor


“It’s about time a bit of creative thought went into this issue of when Australia formally becomes a republic.

In the years after World War II, quite a number of British colonies in Africa were granted their “independence” by Britain. The British monarch was present or was represented at a formal handing-over ceremony and there was great rejoicing and friendship. (This was often followed by terrible civil wars but that is another story.)

However, Australia’s titular monarch will do nothing without advice from the Prime Minister. So why don’t the monarchists in the government persuade the PM to advise the Queen to celebrate her 80th birthday by relinquishing her current position as Queen of Australia, in favour of continuing friendship and cooperation between the two countries through the old British Commonwealth.

The PM could organise the signing of a declaration and a grand celebration in June after the Queen’s official 80th birthday ceremony. This would be more friendly, cheaper and less time-consuming than a referendum.

This is a solution that both countries can be happy with. The Governor-General could stay on for his current term while the next step is sorted out.”

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