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Letters to the Editor in the light of the controversy surrounding the Governor General, Dr Hollingworth.

Letter from Helen Millicer of St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria to The Australian Financial Review, 21 February 2002

Proper G-G Selection An Urgent Priority

The unfortunate scandal that surrounds our Governor-General proves the absurdity of the appointment being the decision of only one person.

As the 100-year history of the G-G position shows, this system is a recipe for nepotism or mate favours rather than merit, and certainly not for any representation.

As John Howard said, the G-G relates only to himself and the Queen. So long as the G-G is appointed by only one person - the Prime Minister - without any public or parliamentary selection process, the office will continue to be politicised and undermined and the Australian public will continue to be poorly served.

If Peter Hollingworth steps down, the Australian people have a right to a fair and open process for appointment that reflects our long-held national principles and values. It is high time that this position was filled like every other - through proper and accountable selection. This is an urgent task for all members of our Federal Parliament.

Letter from Fay Feldner of Banks ACT to The Canberra Times, 22 February 2002

Give women a real chance

The current mishandling of the moral controversies surrounding the Anglican Church, the Prime Minister, and the Governor-General suggests that all positions of power should be made available to women in Australia. As all of these institutions, which are led by men, are embroiled in issues which have had a negative impact on women, children and families, it is high time that an alternative to that male leadership be considered.

In order to safeguard the family as the cornerstone of society, women should be given the opportunity to occupy real positions of power such as those within the Church, the prime ministership and the office of Governor-General.

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