Women Say...on the Republic

Women Say...on the Republic


Joint proposal by:

Bill Peach A.M., Professor George Winterton, Dr Walter Phillips, Dr Bede Harris ("The Corowa Four")

This conference resolves that:

1. A multi-party Commonwealth Parliament Joint Committee should be established to consult the community and constitutional experts in order to prepare a plebiscite asking the following key questions simultaneously:

2. (i) Should we become a republic with an Australian Head of State?

(ii) Should the Head of State of the Australian Commonwealth be called:

A: The President

B: The Governor-General?

(iii) Should an Australian Head of State be:

A: Selected by the Prime Minister

B: Selected by a 2/3 majority of the Parliament

C: Chosen by an Electoral College

D: Elected by popular vote, with codified powers?

3. The Commonwealth Parliament Joint Committee shall outline the core features of the models in 2(iii) and prepare neutral information for the plebiscite

4. An elected Constitutional Convention be convened to draft a constitutional amendment reflecting the will of the people as expressed in the plebiscite.

5. A referendum be held under s 128 of the Constitution to give effect to the amendment proposed by the Constitutional Convention.

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11 May, 2002