Other Republican Groups

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)A Just Republic: a surviving republican organisation with members in all States and Territories

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Young Australians for A Republic:

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Australian Republican Movement (ARM): a comprehensive, informative and well maintained site:

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)R4U Republic 4U: a group of young Victorian republicans supporting direct election who succeeded in having a representative elected to the Constitutional Convention: (link no longer available)

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Republican Party of Australia:

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)William Deane for President Campaign: ( link no longer available

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)YES....and MORE: (link no longer available)


Women's Republic Websites

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)The Australian Referendum on the Republic by Louise Nordestgaard of Adelaide: (1999 only) Click on Republic under "My Other Pages" menu on left-hand side of home page.

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Women for a Real Real Republic Jocelynne Scutt's site from 1999 which promoted a NO vote at the referendum because no direct election option was offered. Jocelynne was the dominant female voice among the NO Republicans.

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Republic interactive with young women politicans from the federal parliament

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes) ACT Senator Kate Lundy (no longer available)

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)NSW Senator Marise Payne (no longer available)


International Republic Sites

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Res Publica - an excellently presented and comprehensive international anti-monarchy web directory with links to many republican websites including Australian and New Zealand sites; edited by Canadian, Jonathan Makepeace.


Useful Women’s Sites

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Women’s Constitutional Convention 2002 ( held in Canberra, 11-13 June 2002.

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Women’s Constitutional Convention held in Canberra, 29-30 January 1998: refer to the PANDORA online archive at the National Library of Australia, see

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Women’s Electoral Lobby:

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)National Women’s Justice Coalition:

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Australian Women's Constitutional Network:

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Women Into Politics

Comprehensive Republic Site

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Australian Republic - A Guide: refer to papers written by women and about women’s involvement in the republic debate maintained by Stephen Souter at the University of Sydney:

This site is still being regularly updated by Stephen (last update 10 December 2003) and contains the most comprehensive history of online republic resources and sites since 1999; if you are wondering what happened to any of the sites listed here as no longer functioning, this site will inform you!

National Convention of Republicans

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)National Convention of Republicans. Launching the YES Coalition and held in Canberra, 6-7 February 1999 featured women politicians and commentators speaking about the YES vote for the republic:

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Reference Sites

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Constitutional Centenary Foundation (CCF) was established in 1991 for the purposes of encouraging and promoting public discussion, understanding and review of the Australian constitutional system in the decade leading to the centenary of the Constitution in 2001. Site no longer available.

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Constitution: To view the entire Constitution visit:

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)British Royal Family:

Supporting the NO vote

pr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Australian Monarchist League:

gr_ball.gif (238 bytes)Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy (ACM):

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