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In order to succeed, the vote in favour of the republic must be carried in four of the six States plus there must be an overall national majority of votes as well. The ACT and NT votes count in the national total only. The same applies to the second referendum question on the preamble to the Constitution.

At the same debate, Mary Kelly, a unionist and direct election supporter at last year's Constitutional Convention is now behind the YES...and More campaign. She said, "I would still rather a yes and more than a no and wait. I am a republican and I don't think there is place for the British monarchy in modern Australia." Also reported in The Australian.

WfaAR notes that there was no follow-up question in this poll about whether these voters would vote YES and that many supporters of the YES vote are direct election supporters who will vote YES on 6 November anyway. The Australian's Newspoll of last week showed that 49 percent were intending to vote YES, 46 percent NO and 4 percent were undecided.

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